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My name is Theresa. I’m an avid outdoor adventurer residing in Portland, OR. I’m particularly passionate about trail running, climbing/mountaineering, fastpacking/backpacking, and skiing. I’m by no means an expert in any category, but I try to get out and do them as often as I can. Most of my adventures take place throughout the Pacific Northwest (mainly Oregon and Washington), but occasionally I’m able to travel and experience other places outside the PNW. You will almost always find me adventuring with my partner, Mack, and our dog, Cascade. When I’m not outside, I work as a music teacher at Hoffman Academy Portland.

I started this blog mainly as a means to preserve my most treasured outdoor memories. I had plenty of photographs, but there’s only so much they could share about an experience. Words were the only medium that could truly capture the most fleeting moments and emotions in vivid detail. Although the primary content of this blog will continue to be stories and documentation of my favorite adventures, as I continue to grow and learn more through my outdoor experiences, my goal is to expand it and work on including “how to…” posts related to specific skills/activities/outdoor goals, gear reviews, interviews with other outdoor womxn, and hopefully a variety of outdoor-related topics.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I hope you enjoy the content of this blog and find something that resonates with you. If you have any questions or comments regarding specific posts/adventures/topics, or there is something you think I should post/write about, please feel free to reach out using the Contact page 🙂

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